The following links provide valuable information related to Module 2

Wild Baby SEAL Attacks in Mexico:
Close Up Moko the Dolphins Aggression:
Don’t pet the dolphin:
Frisky Dolphin:
Girl playing with Moko the Dolphin:
Pilot Whale Attack-original version:
Stupid women attacked by whale:
When Dolphins Attack:  

Wild Dolphin Behavior, Dolphin SMART program,
The difference between a ‘habituated’ bear and a ‘food-conditioned’ bear,
Dolphins, Whales, and Manatees of Florida, A guide to Sharing Their World, John E Reynolds III and Randall S Wells. University University Press of Florida, Gainesville, FL.2003
Training and Behavioral Terms Glossary, IMATA
“Open water encounters of swimming and wading with wild cetaceans have increased worldwide. Behaviors being self-initiated by cetaceans… and addressed towards humans… remain unclear” by Michael Scheer: Link to media file Self Initiated behaviors…pdf      

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